Volunteer for Elderberry Festival

Want to get involved?  It is easy to volunteer.
Donations of prepared food and beverages are needed for the hospitality tent. We are especially interested in receiving donations from local restaurants and pubs so that we can celebrate you too! Your donation will earn a placement on our sponsorship page, links to your website and social media, and direct marketing to the public on the day of the festival. Food and Drink is needed for about 50 musicians and volunteers from the hours of 11:00 am to 11:00 pm on September 21. We want to be able to serve meals between 12:00 and 2:00 and 5:00 to 7:00 and to provide snacks, appetizers, and assorted yummy treats throughout the day. Interested?  Reach out to  Ann Lenhardt at ann@normsfarms.com

Alternatively, consider joining the Elderberry Crew; we’d love your help!   All volunteers will receive a t-shirt and a hand stamp that gets you passage to the Hospitality Tent!

Volunteers are needed for the following fun jobs:

1.  Tip Jar Maestros:  Volunteer to be a Tip Jar Maestro at our stages and be a band hero!  The job is simple: wander through the crowd with a tip jar during each set and encourage the audience to show their love for music and the musicians by tossing some cash into the tip jar.  Friendly smiling people encouraged to apply!

2.  Stage Hands/Roadies:  Volunteer to help performers load in and load out at the stages.  If you are a musician or have experience helping musicians set up and tear down for gigs, WE WANT YOU!

3.  Hospitality Tent Crew:  Check musicians in and hook them up with swag,  make them feel welcome, help the crew with keeping the food and libations going!

4.  Norm’s Farms Elderberry Crew:  Help the Norm’s Farms folks sample elderberry goodies, assist with festival logistics and smile, smile, smile!

Reach out to CIndy Jones at cindy.jones.7927@facebook.com or Cindy.Dawn.Jones@gmail.com or Ann Lenahrdt ann@normsfarms.com


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