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Elderberry Festival 2015

Saturday, August 22nd from 12noon until closing…

It’s a party with a purpose! Join us! 

Brought To you by Norm’s Farms.  Contributing Sponsors:  The Station and Southern Rail, 2nd Wind, Tyler’s Tap Room, and Steel String Brewery.  This year we will have  5 stages, almost 40 bands and lots of cool local vendors!  And its FREE! Help us share this event with your friends and family.  Our mission is to help promote local businesses, increase food security, create community resilience and to raise sustainability awareness.  Come learn who these businesses are.   Vote with your wallet by supporting small local business.

LOCATIONS: 201, 118 and 102 E Main Street, and 106 S Greensboro Street, Carrboro, NC   27510 

This year’s Elderberry Festival showcases the best in local Musicians.   Vendors include local Craft Breweries and Wineries, local Food Producers and local Artisans. Come on out and meet some of the people that make Carrboro what it is!  Join us for elderberry cocktails and participating sponsors.   Raise a glass and toast to Carrboro!

5 thoughts on “Elderberry Festival Home

    1. Hey Andrea! We are hoping that another stage opens…trying to charm our neighbors. we will keep you in mind if one does. HOWEVER, we would love for you to come out to meet other musicians and network. This is an artist community building event…!

      1. Oh how we would love to be there! However, we just secured a gig for the evening. Maybe next year? Would love to see you guys and participate, be it performing or as an active supporter.
        Thanks so much Cindy! Let us know if we can be of any help in the future :)
        Peace, and best of luck with the festival!
        Andrea Templon
        Stained Glass Canoe

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