Elderberry  Festival Performers

We have 7 great bands playing at this year’s Elderberry Festival 2019.    

This year’s Elderberry Festival showcases the best in local Musicians: 

  • Beats in the Bones

  • Laura Thurston

  • Wild Self

  • Tracey Lynn and Dave Smith

  • Shady Neighbors

  • Natty Love Joy

  • Shakedown Street

Below is our list of past performers from our last EF in Carrboro, NC.         

  aabatteries      AA and the Batteries

        Absent Boundaries

andrew kasab_image     Andrew Kasab

 art images liven  Art Images Live

 bellflower     Bellflower 

       Chit Nasty (Solo) 

      Dex Romweber

   Dunbar does her art- LIVE at 2nd Wind/support your local artists/ musicians

      Ed Davis 

     Funk Rush

  gasoline     Gasoline Stove 

          Gabriel Reynolds

          The Grand Shell Game

   The Guilty Pleasures

high bushyn        High Bushy Tails

 james odin2     James Olin Odin 

    Jeff Donovan

                Jeff Stickley 

  taz better_     Kitty Box and the Johnnys


    Mario Millner and Thomas Buchannan

 1370449244_mysti_secretary     Mysti Mayhem

      Omar Ruiz and Mario Arnez 

    Orchid Sun 

    Rolled by Elves

  ruffin      Ruffin McCoy

    See No Weevil

shakedown  Shakedown Street

  Skinny Bag of Sugar

 The Tan and Sober Gentlemen

  1357097071_teacupginlogo-original     Tea Cup Gin 

   Tim Smith Band


Tim Stambaugh & Rick Forlines 

 toomuchfun     Too Much Fun  



      Wayfaring Strangers



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